About Ui Patterns

在刚入行设计行业第一年,我时常在想有经验的 UI 和新人的主要差别在哪儿?结合工作的场景,个人得出结论很重要一部分就是:无论是界面风格还是交互形式,对经典和新鲜的设计形式均有了解。如果能对设计模式有丰富的见识,输出界面的效率也会得到较大的提高。

于是当时就产生了制作一个记录这些知识网站的想法,碍于没有任何开发经验就一直搁置,之前尝试过基于 Notion 来分享,但网速一直是个痛点,许多不会科学上网的朋友经常打开分享地址都十分费劲,最后含泪购买了国内服务器……

这是第二次开始尝试搭建,现在使用的是一款的 CMS 产品 Publii 来整理并发布内容,由我的一位设计师朋友 XinXin 推荐。

网站刚上线,内容形式还属于探索阶段,主要以 Web 端为主,不过很多元素移动端也有相同之处。目前计划将所收集内容分为:Component(组件)、Section(模块)、Page(页面),可能你会想这和 Collect UICalltoidea 等网站差不多(感谢这些前辈积的的资源)。是的,出发点都是为了灵感积累与效率提升,但我希望在此基础上将一些灵感划分的更为细致,把类似的效果都提前分类并集合在一起展示,这就可以将相关的设计样式都浏览个够,而不是十分零散的去寻找灵感。

希望让你找到灵感 ,多一些时间给自己。✨

In my first year in the design industry, I often wondered what the main difference between experienced UI and newcomers was. Combined with the work scenario, I came to the conclusion that an important part is to have an understanding of both classic and new design patterns, whether it is interface style or interaction form. If you can have a rich knowledge of design patterns, the efficiency of the output interface will also be improved.

So the idea of creating a website to record this knowledge came up, but I put it on hold because I didn't have any development experience.

This is the second time I started to try to build it, and now I am using a CMS product Publii to organize and publish the content, recommended by one of my designer friends XinXin .

The site has just been launched, and the content format is still in the exploration stage, mainly on the Web side, but many elements of the mobile side also have the same. The current plan is to divide the collected content into Component, Section, and Page, which you may think is similar to Collect UI, Calltoidea, etc. (thanks to the resources accumulated by these predecessors). Yes, our starting point is to accumulate inspiration and improve efficiency, but I hope to divide some inspiration more carefully on this basis, to classify similar effects in advance and collect them together for display, so that you can browse all the relevant design styles, instead of looking for inspiration in a very fragmented way.

I hope you can improve your work efficiency and have more time for yourself. ✨